Saturday, March 01, 2008

Trancoded movie plays the wrong audio track (ie: directors commentary, or foreign language)

When the movie is transcoded the default audio track is automatically played. You may then get the wrong audio track when you go to watch your movie using Transcode 360. One way to fix this is to Reauthor the movie using DVDShrink. Open the movie, if it is new, open from disk, if you've already ripped it, open from file. Choose Reauthor. If you want your movie to be in English deselect everything but the English track (ie: English 5.1). During the reauthor selection, you can also only grab the movie by dragging it from the right to the left. This way you don't get all the trailers and such. Then choose to Backup and backup to Hard Disk folder. Save the movie where ever, if you are re-ripping one you've already ripped, choose a different folder than the one currently containing the movie. When it is finished, if it is a new rip, it is ready. If it is a re-rip, replace the old movie files with the new one's. Now when you watch a transcoded movie, you should get the right audio track.

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