Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to view more than 64 snapshots (shadow copies) on Windows 7 / Windows 2008

Windows can store a max of 512 Volume Shadow Copy Snapshots. But you may have noticed when you go to view the list of snapshots in Windows 7 or Server 2008, no more than 64 are displayed.

To gain access to the additional snapshots, above the 64 limit you will need a Windows XP machine (and have set the server to store more than 64).  I use a Windows XP virtual machine for this purpose.  If you get on a server 2008R2 or higher server, and view previous versions, you will not see them all if you have increased the number above 64.  In that case, boot up a XP machine, like a VM,  Next, you can make a UNC connection to the share or folder of interest.  From there go to properties>previous versions.  If you have the server set to the max 512, using this method, you will have access to all 512 previous versions.  Because our servers are configured to store the max number of VSS snapshots, I have to use this method to gain access to the larger number.  

I am not sure if there is another way to gain access to the additional snapshots.  All I know is this is how we have to do it at work and it works.

On the server perform the following regedit to enable viewing more than 64 snapshots:

Create a value with the name Smb2 and type DWORD.
Set the value to 0
Reboot the server

Try viewing snapshots and you should now be able to see more than 64 provided you have configured your server to store more.

Incidentally, if you want your server to provide more snapshot perform the following regedit:
Create a value with the name MaxShadowCopies and type DWORD. Set the value to the number of snapshots you want to keep. The max is 512
Reboot the server


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article, the tags you provided helped me find this and I think I may never have found out about this otherwise.

tobias said...

Awesome. I was wondering if anyone would see the post - or find value in it.

Anonymous said...

THX you dude, very usefull

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if this works after the fact...if i set it to view 120 snapshots when it's on 64 will the rest suddenly appear? I don't want to reboot a production server if it won't help...

DzungPr2u said...

I can not find this document in other places, so wonderful. thank you!

tobias said...

I am not sure but my best guess is no, the rest will not appear. If the system is configured for 64 then that should be all available. If you increase the number of snapshots to keep, then it should start from that point. Again, my best guess because we implemented this years ago and my memory is not that great.


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