Monday, October 13, 2008

Tool for find paths that are too long on computers or servers

Occasionaly I run into a situation that quickly becomes very frustrating. Let's say I am backing up a user's data to move to a new system. I'm copying their My Documents to a server, or usb drive and the copy bombs out because it encounters a path that is too long. Another scenario is I am setting someone up to synchronize documents stored on a server with their local computer. Again, the sync bombs because it encounters a path that is too long. This can become frustrating because sometimes you have to dig and search to find the offending file. Or, maybe this person has 100 items that are too long. So again you repeat the process of the copy bombing out and having to go search for the offending files.

I made a tool that can search a system on find all the long paths and record them. The offenders and be exported to a .csv file for the record. This way these can be addressed ahead of time before the backup or sync is run.

This is a very simple tool. It is small and quick. If you think this might be of use to you download it here. This is an installer it copies the exe to a folder under program files and creates a start menu shortcut and a desktop shortcut. If you prefer to just get the exe it is here.

This tool will scan local drives, or UNC paths.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, just what I needed! Thanks!

Lisa Nek said...

If you are looking to move or copy your long path files then you can try Long Path Tool. Hope you will enjoy using this.

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