Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Installing drivers on a Panasonic CF-50 after clean XP with SP2 install

I had to rebuild a Panasonic CF-50. I didn't have drivers on disk to reinstall and my only option of OS was XP with SP2 already installed. I downloaded the missing drivers from the Panasonic site. But, I couldn't install any of them. When I tried to run their .exe I would get the message 'this does NOT support'. Yeah that's all it said.

So I used WinRAR to extract the files from the .exes. Once I had the files extracted I could run the setup, or just point to the driver file. I still could not get the video drivers to install. I ended up using Mobility Modder http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool.php.

I followed the instructions on the website (msxml update, and .Net install) and pointed the modder to the drivers I had extracted. It fixed them and I was able to install the video drivers.

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