Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Using .ISO files with Media Extenders, Transcode 360, and MyMovies

MyMovies supports watching movies in .iso format. This requires an image mounting software be installed. I used the free software Virtual CloneDrive -

  1. Install the VCD software on the Media Center computer that runs MyMovies.
  2. Open MyMovies Collection Manager
  3. Go to Configure>Image Mounter> it should detect that you have VCD installed. Click Ok.
  4. In Collection Manager the Title should be added just like you are adding a ripped movie. Browse to the folder using Network and select the folder that contains the .ISO file.
  5. If the movie is on the Media Center that is all you do. When watching through My Movies choose Watch Stream. MyMovies will mount the .ISO file and Transcode 360 should transcode it for viewing. If the .ISO is store on a computer other than the Media Center (NAS, WHS, another windows computer), check my instructions below for proper configuration of sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tobias,

Great blog you have here :-)
I'm trying to get my Vista MCE and Linksys DMA2200 running .ISO files by using MyMovies and Transcode 360.
It works but I can't get any subtitles !?
Do you have a guide / solution for that issues ?

Best regards
SJO, Denmark

toby said...

Hey SJO, thanks for the kind words. That's a great question, and one I have wanted a solution to myself. As I currently understand it, not really, but I'll do some testing and if you don't mind waiting a little bit I'll get back to you. You want to email me at so I will have your email, or do you just want to keep watching the comments. I might get to test it later tonight.

Another important question, would you be interested in ALWAYS having subtitles on, or do you want the ability to turn on and off? I think the solution may call this situation into effect.

Anonymous said...

reat blog you bet! Thanks Toby, your blog and the wiki you posted on ware greatly appreciated.

Sanjay said...

Fantastic blog!!! Thank god for ingenious people like you and the Internet!! I was able to setup my Linksys DMA 2100 to work with MyMovies to play my collection of ripped ISOs for all my kids movies. Now I don't have to worry about my DVDs getting scratched and broken. I also have all the ISOs on a Windows Home Server share. I still have issues playing some ISOs not sure why. Transcoder360 doesn't like them. I get an error message on my TV screen that Transcoder 360 was not able to encode or stream that particular ISO. But it works on most ISOs so I am very happy.

toby said...

Hi, thanks for the kind words. I hear this a lot, that people have issues with particular movies. I have yet to figure out exactly why. One thing I do know is T360 appears to have issues with non-alpha characters in the path (folder names). So you might check that. If one of the movies has a folder with a name like "Good Move (2008)" try changing it to "Good Movie". You'll want to remove and re-add to MM collection manager if you rename any of the folders in the path. You can also email me a copy of the T360 log file for a movie that does not work if you want aamjohns@[nospam]

Sanjay said...

Hey Toby,
Just e-mailed you the log files. Let me know if you have any ideas. Checked the paths. The paths are fine. No special chars etc. I am able to play other movies under the "Kids Movies" dir just not the 2 that are failing.

Bob said...


I just started trying to stream .ISO images to an extender but on the extender get the message the Transcode 360 cannot handle the ISO file. I am using Daemon Tools Lite on the MC machine to mount the image and I can view it fine on the MC machine, just not on the extender. Any other suggestions or pointers on how to get it to work. Streaming normal DVD image files (TSVIDEO) works fine on the Extender.



toby said...

Two things. 1) make sure you have told the MyMovies collection manager about your .ISO mounter. If you have done that and it still does not work, try the free product from Slysoft. After installing it and testing it, again, tell MyMovies to use it as the .ISO mounter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tody, Will Transcode 360 stream bluray iso files on to extenders?


toby said...

I don't know. I'd google that and see what you can find, or just try it. But I personally have no experience with Blu-ray.

Anonymous said...


I am courious if you solved the subtitle thing. I have would love to be able to get subtitles from myvoies to my xbox360 extender. And a button i could use to enable on my remote to the xbox360 ;)

toby said...

Well, yes and no. We had a visitor, Jeroen, modify t360 to make subtitles work.

I know this has worked for some people. It does not work for me. I still do not get subtitles.

You can try the instructions in the link above. Basically, stop the transcode 360 service, replace the exe and start the service again.

Enabling with the remote will not work. The subtitles have to be encorporated into the video stream before it is encoded. The option to start watching a movie and then turn subtitles on or off would be sweet, but it won't work because the encoding is already going.

Simon said...

Thanks for all this.

I've got a Linksys DMA2100. When I select watch stream the ISO is mounted and plays on the media centre pc, but it is not streamed to the extender.

Any ideas?

toby said...

What error do you get on the extender?

Can you send me a copy of the transcode 360 log files for one of these failed attempts?


toby said...

Simon said...

I solved my problem above. It was the paths in My Movies causing the problem. I was using a locally mapped path (V:\). I read one of your posts about changing it to use the URI path (\\server\share) and it now works for some movies. Some play fine, but others stop after 5 minutes. Been looking around your site but haven't found a fix for that yet. Any pointers?

toby said...

I'm glad you solved the problem Simon. Good work.

The other problem you are having is common with Linksys extenders playing transcoded movies. I've tried and tried to find a solution but I never have.

The problem seems to be the with the extender. So I suppose you could check to see if there is a newer firmware for you extender.

I've done some extensive troubleshooting with people having the premature stop issue. Never have we found the answer.

If you continue to have the problem you could try encoding one of the movies to .wmv and play it with the extender without transcoding and see if that fixes it.

Also, you could try increasing the size of the buffer (t360 config utility).

If you happen to figure out a solution please let me know.

Mike said...

I'm not able to get any surround sound when playing iso's. Everything is working amazing other than this problem. I guess my questions is, is it possible? And if it is why isn't it working? Running on a xbox360

toby said...

Hey Mike,
That's a good question. And I am not for sure on the answer. But I speculate. Each DVD has multiple audio tracks. 5.1DTS, 2Channel, stuff like that. When the transcoder runs, it uses what is marked on the DVD as the default audio track. So, maybe it is getting a non-surround sound track? I know I've had it play the directors commentary before - why - because on the DVD that was the 0x80 default audio track. There's no way to change this.

If you want to experiment - and I know this defeats the purpose of using and .iso, try my instructions on the blog for using dvdshrink to rip a movie to your hard drive. When you reauthor it, only choose the 5.1 audio track. Then try the movie again on your xbox. This time we will know what audio track is being used and we will know whether or not that is the issue.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I'm experiencing a problem someone of you already encountered:
I've got a Linksys DMA2100. When I select watch stream the ISO is mounted and plays on the media centre pc, but it is not streamed to the extender.
These are logs from transcode360:
30/12/2009 4.58.33 Starting Transcode360 service (
30/12/2009 4.58.34 Loaded configuration settings
30/12/2009 4.58.37 Service is ready to accept requests

Any idea?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tobias,

I'm currently trying your method for getting ISO's to play on my Xbox360 Media Center Extender.

I'm stuck on step 3):
Go to Configure>Image Mounter> it should detect that you have VCD installed. Click Ok.

the version of MyMovies Collection Management is 3.16 and I don't see where I need to change to the Image Mounter. I went under Tools>Options>External Players, but then when I try to change to the virtual drive, it either tells me I don't have enough contribution points or there's just no other option other than media center. I'm stuck.

BTW I Do have VCD installed and it does work by itself. Still stumped!


toby said...

Good to hear from you. "when I try to change to the virtual drive, it either tells me I don't have enough contribution points". So it's a money thing. You have to donate a certain amount to unlock features I believe. I switched over to media browser. No fee and the settings for mounting and alternate player are right in the config tool (Under Advanced). I suppose you will either have to read up and figure out how much to donate or try media browser. Personally I'd go with Media Browser.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


toby said...

Don't get me wrong, I really like MyMovies too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Toby,

I took your advice and tried Media Browser.
So far I've gotten it to finally work on xbox360. Play my ripped DVD Video_TS style just fine.

Still having problems getting ISO's to play. I installed Virtual Clone Drive. I can see the iso files from my xbox. and I can mount them through way of pressing play while in MCE on xbox, but they just won't play. I've got Transcode360 installed and I set the autoplay feature in MediaBrowser config.

A strange thing...when I come back to my computer it shows that iso is I know some sort of communication is going on between xbox and PC. I'd like to get the ISO files working for 2 reasons. 1) smaller in size and 2)maintain DVD menu for quick jumping around.

Thanks for your help

Anonymous said...

...correction...I thought for some reasons ISO files are smaller, but now I see they are not.

Would still be nice to navigate the DVD menus on my xbox, like I can on my PC.

Randy said...

Hey tobin,

I'm still trying to get this to work. I hit a road-block getting the xbox 360 to play iso's. It mounts them okay, but does not play them.

Any solutions?...ideas?

toby said...

Would you mind emailing me?

If the .iso is a high definition content type (like a bluray) it is not going to work. What you may end up having to try is using something like MakeMKV to turn the .iso content into an .mkv file and see if that will play.

A mounted iso of a bluray would require a bluray player software like TMT3 or MP classic to play the content. The xbox cannot do that.

Please feel free to email me it will be easier to discuss over email.

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