Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Older version of Transcode 360 download

This is an older version of transcode 360. Even though it is called 4.6, it is an earlier version than 1.6.3. You should be using 1.6.3. I'm only putting this file up for people that may want it for some reason.

This is the first .Net 2 port by James. I am making it available in case anyone needs it. This is version 4.6. This is an earlier version than 1.6.3.



Anonymous said...

Do you have version 1.6.1? I'm trying to get 1.6.3 working on my windows 7 x86 rc1. I've tried the installer tool without any luck. I keep on getting the "Unable to queue and stream video for transcoding" error. I've checked my logs, but none of them contain any information, and the transcodebuffer folder remains empty

toby said...

No, I don't. These are the only two versions I've ever seen. I was under the impression that people sometimes called 4.6 as 1.6.1 but I could be wrong there. All I know is I have personally never seen one called 1.6.1.

If you are on win7 1.6.3 should work. So whatever problem you are having is probably not 1.6.3 but rather a configuration issue, or a video type issue.

I had another person report to me a similiar type of error on win7. They too were not getting anything in the log. In that case, the person was trying to play .mkv files (if I remember correctly).

If you are trying to play something other than say .vob, I'd go ahead an rip a DVD to .vob and test with that. If that works, you know it has something to do with the video format you are trying to transcode.

I'm using 1.6.3 with Win7 and I'm not having any problems. Feel free to email me with any information you have if you cannot get it to work. You may also want to read my blog post (linked in the upper right) on transcoding. There might be something in there that would help, although the tool should do a good job of getting you setup. If you videos are stored somewhere other than the Win7 machine, that could be the issue too.

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