Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Genre changing GUI tool

Download the tool here

It is a .zip file. Extract it somewhere. This is a newer version than what I had posted previously. Some features are added to this tool. The stuff on the TV Series tab does not work. The movies part does work. I stopped developing this tool but I am publishing the latest version I have developed.

My apologies for putting up a tool that is not really finished (the tv part). But I became frustrated with the tv part and quit working on it...


Anonymous said...

Works great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic utility!
The only issue I have is that it crashes when trying to browse root directories of my hard drives whet it reaches the "System Volume Information" folder.
Is there some way you could make it exclude this folder so it doesn't crash?
Thanks again! Great program!

toby said...

I just put up another version and it should not crash on those folders. But, this version has a tv series tab and that part does not work.

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