Thursday, April 28, 2011

Samsung LCD TV makes clicking sounds when attempting to turn on

This recently happened to my father's Samsung LCD TV. When he would go to turn it on it would click but not turn on. Often, if he kept trying, it would eventually turn on. Once it was powered on it would work fine. He could then turn it off and if he tried to turn it on within a few minutes, it would turn back on. If he waited a while and the internals cooled down, it would not turn back on without multiple tries.

He had a tech come out and the problem was bad capacitors. The tech demonstrated that the capacitors were 'popped' and the tops were pushed out and a small amount of gel was exposed. Upon replacing the bad capacitors the tv now turns on properly.

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Anonymous said...

Mine did the same and i fix it for a Total of $10.00 from radio shack. It is the capacitor on the power mother board that the voltage is to low and break down after a time. I changed all 4 of them and works great. You can take it to a tv repair shop and tell them to replace all four of them to a mim of 25v 1000 uf. Radio shack did not have 25v 1000 uf only 35v 1000 uf so I used them and works great.

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