Friday, April 24, 2015

Have you tried Sublime Text for script editing?

I recently stumbled upon Sublime Text.  I was working on a new build of Linux and Googled for a good script editor.  Sublime Text came up.  I gave it a try.  First the none beta version, version 2.  After a bit I tried the new version 3 beta.

I REALLY like this program.  I have been using the free Komodo Edit and while it is great, and I still use it too (they just released version 9 with some nice features), I mostly use Sublime Text.

Aside from having many built-in features that one wants in a coding platform, Sublime also has a Package Manager (Control) which can easily be installed.  Once added, the Package Control opens up so much more versatility, expandability, and support it is emmensly valuable.

In addition to the features, customizations, and add-ons, I particularly enjoy the massive selection of themes for the coding environment.  I have become a fan of alternate color schemes which help me identify different elements of code more quickly.  There is almost an infinite amount of pre-made themes free to download.  Additionally, one can create your own themes.

Sublime Text offers a fully functional trial version that does not expire.  It will prompt occasionally about using an unregistered version, but this trial is enough to get you hooked and want to buy a license.  Even better, the licensing is per user.  So once you buy a license, you are permitted to install Sublime Text on all of your computers.  Even work computers.  As long as it is you using it.

At the time of my purchase it was $70 USD.  It is worth it.

I'm sorry Komodo.  I still love you.  But Sublime has become my new coding best friend.

Here are some links to get an idea of what Sublime looks like:
And have a look at this! - Package Control

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