Friday, February 29, 2008

Replaytv automatically reboots after complete boot

I have been using Replaytv (5000 series) for years now. I have encountered many problems. Today I had a problem and want to record the solution. The replaytv kept rebooting after doing a full bootup. It would boot and you could see a brielf glimpse of a show (live tv) and then it would automatically reboot. I ended up booting it without the network cable, and the coax cable, and then it would not automatically reboot. As soon as I plugged in the coax cable, it would reboot. It turned out the hard drive was full. Once we cleared some shows off (we freed up 10 hours) it quit rebooting when the coax was plugged in. The unit is now working correctly. If you have this problem, try booting it without the coax cable and clear up some space, then plug in the coax. Booting it without the coax was the only way we could keep it up long enough to clear up some space.

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