Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fixing my ice maker in Kitchen-Aid ksrs25cnbl00

This is not computer related but I wanted to document it anyway.

I purchased the replacement part from

Item#: 1373103 - Description: Icemaker control module and motor assembly
Price: $73.35

For Kitchen-Aid model ksrs25cnbl00. How did I know what to replace? It broke before and I had a repairman come out and I recalled him saying something about a cheap gear and motor breaking. He said the part he was putting in was of better quality. It lasted about two years.

1)Slide the ice-maker switch to the off position.
2)Remove the screw underneath the icemaker in the back right.
3)Remove the two screws holding the front flap - remove the front flap
4)Remove the plastic wire cover piece in the rear right corner - it just pops off.
5)Press the tab on the bottom part of the left rail in. Slide the whole unit out.
6)Disconnect the power connector.
7)Pop off the plastic motor module cover.
8)With the ice-maker out remove the three screws holding in the motor module.
9)Remove the motor module.
10)Align the while plastic shaft notch with that of the motor module. Do not turn the motor module, turn the shaft to achieve alignment. Inset the new motor module.
11)Screw in the three motor module screws.
12)Connect the power coupler.
13)Slide the unit back into place.
14)Screw in the right rear screw. Reattach the flap with the two screws.
15)Turn on the ice-maker.

Within 30 minutes you should hear the water filling the tray.

Within a couple hours ice should start to accumulate.


sfgwpolo said...

These direction were crystal clear and everything took 30 minutes as you said. The ice maker happened to have ice in it and after I shut the door about 5 minutes later the ice dropped in the tray and then I heard water fill it up.

Can't thank you enough for your help.

toby said...

That's fantastic. I am very glad you found this helpful. Awesome!

H Itzkowitz said...

Wow! Thank you for this neat little tutorial. This would definitely be helpful to our friends out there with the same model number for this refrigerator. There are some products that have problematic parts and icemakers have been a nightmare for some fridge owners too. One of the best options you have is to find replacement parts that are of good quality and reasonable price.

H Itzkowitz

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