Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Firewall exceptions for Transcode 360

If you need to manually set your firewall exceptions for Transcode 360 here are the settings:
1) Open port 1401 (TCP).

This is using Control Panel with Classic View under Vista-32 bit

Go to Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

On the left highlight Inbound Rules

On the right click click New Rule

Choose Port, Click Next

Dot next to TCP, dot next to Specific local ports. In the box type 1401. Click Next

Dot next to Allow the connection. Click Next

On the ‘When does this rule apply’ you can leave all selected if you want but technically you should only need ‘Private’ if when you set up your media center’s network connection you selected home which is private. Leaving the other boxes selected will not hurt anything.

In the Name box put something like T360

Click Finish.

Now under your inbound rules you will see one with the name you specified above (T360). Double click the rule.

Click the Scope tab.

In the Remote IP Address section put a dot next to ‘These IP Addresses:”.

Click the Add button

Put a dot next to ‘Predefined set of computers:’.

Use the pull down and select ‘Local subnet’.

Click Ok.

Click Ok.

That firewall rule is done. We’ve opened the port 1401 on the Media Center for all local traffic (your house).

2) Add Transcode360.exe and Transcode360Tray.exe to the allowed applications

Actually, I don't know that you need to add the exceptions specified in 2). I noticed that I did not add these to my firewall. I am not at home right now to test, but it may be that just port 1401 is all that is required. If you want to add exceptions for the Trascode processes you can. You can use my instructions above but near the beginning instead of choosing port, choose a program, and then browse to the program (C:\Program Files\Transcode360\Transcode360.exe). The rest of the setting will match the instructions above.

Vista users - if you need help with this have a look at this document:

If you still need help you can email me aamjohns@[nospam] (remove the [nospam] part.

If you want to enable firewall logging to help troubleshoot have a look at this blog post:

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