Sunday, April 19, 2009

Making subtitles work with Transcode 360

Transcode 360 appears to have the ability to display subtitles. These are enabled through the t360 configuration utility. But, as far as I know, it has never worked. One of the visitors to this blog took the matter into his own hands and fixed the transcode360 executable and now subtitles work. Here is what he says:
Hi,Me again, I was a bit busy doing other things, but I finally managed to get
subtitles and the right audiostream while transcoding.I've put a replacement
Transcode360.exe on
Assembling a tray app and setup, with all forms etc. is too much work for me at
the moment. Just stop the Transcode360 service, replace the .exe and start the
service again.I'm currently using the modified t360 with mencoder svn rev 28311
and ffmpeg svn rev 16596, both downloaded from
The discussion took place on this thread's comment section:

If you have transcode360 setup and working, just stop the service (this can be done through the config utility) and replace the transcode360.exe with his copy. Re-start the service. Also remember to enable subtitles in the config utility.


heliox said...

I've been using Transcode360 v1.63 with no subtitles on xbox360 even though I have them working in Vista Media Center.
So I tried your tips to no avail :(.
Any other suggestions to get the subtitles, please.

toby said...

Hi heliox,
All I can say is this:
1) Make sure you rip has the subtitles ripped to - ie: do the subtitles work when you enable them on the media center?
2) Use the t360 configuration utility to enable subtitles
3) Replace your existing Transcode360.exe with the one posted in this thread.

According to the editor of the .exe the subtitles should work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot...! Works Like a charm...

toby said...

Thanks great. I'm glad to hear it worked. At least I know it is confirmed.

I myself cannot get it to work. It's unfortunate too because often we like to have the subtitles on. I hope to figure out why it's not working here...

Anonymous said...

Hi Toby,

Did you ever get this to work?

I need it badly but I´ve had no luck with the versions mentioned in the other thread.

Anonymous said...

I'm running win7 media center and no luck. I can't get subs to work.
Followed the whole process several times to no avail...

toby said...

I cannot make it work either. The instructions were partially provided to me by someone else who got it working. Although, again, I cannot make them work. So I am sorry if it doesn't work for you too...

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