Monday, June 08, 2009

Transcode 360 and Windows 7

I got an email from someone who gets this error when trying to use Transcode 360 1.6.3 with Windows 7 Windows 7 RC (build 7100):

System.Exception: Unable to queue video file for transcoding and streaming. At
Transcode360.AddIn.NewModule.TranscodeAndPlayMedia(String filePath, Int64 timestamp)
at Transcode360.AddIn.NewModule.Launch(AddInHost host)

I downloaded and installed Windows 7 RC (Build 7100). First I installed MyMovies 2.54. I then set the folders for MyMovies to watch and let it build the database. I followed my own instructions for setting up Transcode 360.

I'm running t360 as a service, and because I am not trying to access movies stored on other machines I let the service run as the Local System account. I did the Network registry update, and I updated the mencoder.exe.

I tested from my Xbox 360 and from MyMovies choosing Watch Stream, t360 fired up and transcoded the movie. In other words, it worked fine.

I have seen on other blogs and forum where other people are having problems with Windows 7 and T360. I thought I would be able to replicate the problem and troubleshoot it.

So I am posting this in hopes of discovering what is different between my setup, and that of others, that is causing issues for others. The only difference I see between my setup and the person that emailed me is our extenders. Mine being an xbox, and his being a Linksys.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to post them in the comments section.


Jarrod said...

I too was able to get T360 to start correctly when selecting "Watch Stream" from My Movies. However, when attempting to get T360 to transcode a .mkv file from the Video Library in Media Center(not My Movies), the error message "Unable to queue video file for transcoding and streaming" appears on the screen. When I check the logs, all that is listed is "Transcoding from beginning" and then nothing... If I wasn't watching a series of episodes, My Movies would work fine, but since I am, it makes selecting and watching individual episodes extremely difficult. Using T360 without My Movies worked fine until I switched to Windows 7 build 7100 from Vista Ultimate.

toby said...

Unfortunately I don't have any .mkv files to test with. I do know that .mkv files are just containers for other file types.

Would you mind conducting a test and getting back to me with the results (that way if it works I can blog it). Try putting on the Shark007 Windows 7 codec pack.

See if that helps? If so let me know

Jarrod said...

Ok. I uninstalled the Klite codec pack and installed the Shark007 pack. Now, my xbox kind of plays the .mkv files without using T360, but the quality is greatly reduced and it will only play for about 4 seconds before freezing for about 10 seconds repetitively. I assume this is related to the specs of my PC as it pretty much stays at 100% cpu usage during this time. Attempting to transcode with T360 still results in the "Unable to queue..." error. I did, however, notice that it is not only .mkv files that are failing to transcode. Any file I attempt to load with T360 results in the queue error, whether I try it from the xbox or on the PC itself, even if the file plays fine without T360. Were there any settings in that codec pack that needed tweaking? (I changed it to use a single-core processor as that is what I have)

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