Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tool for lite movie management when not using MyMovies

I use MediaBrowser and I have movies spread over 6 partitions. When I want to delete one, or browse to one, I have to search for it. I made a tool that will show you all your movies in a list, allow you to open the folder containg the movie, delete the movie, view the images in the movie folder, delete images, and even preview the movie. Each movie clicked on will show the description and the cover image.

I call this tool Where Are My Movies At? wamma for short.

Get it here.

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ulrick65 said...

I know this is a really old post...but I really want to get a copy of WAMMA again. I have used it for years and recently upgraded to Windows 10 and the install program I have (wamma.msi) installs fine, but does not run properly anymore. I even tried installing a Windows 7 Virtual Box, and it does the same in I am thinking that the file I have is either corrupt or an older version then the one you updated in 2012. The file link here on your blog is broken and does not work. Any chance I can get a copy of this awesome little tool?

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