Friday, July 12, 2013

Tool for File and Folder Deleting including Recursive Deletions

This tool needs to be run as administrator.  That means right click the .exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'.

With this tool you can do things like specify a root directory and then use recursion to remove files that match an extension, a name, part of a name, or name and extension.  All file name matches are by the logic 'if the specified text is in the name'.  So if you put in 'far out' and you have a file called 'i'm far out' it will be deleted because 'far out' matched.

With folders, the names have to match exactly.  But nothing in this tool does case sensitive matching.  Everything, file and folder, does not use case when determining a match.  Again, with folders, the names have to match exactly for it to be deleted.  When the folder is deleted, and subfolder and files will also be deleted.

Deletions will go to the Recycle Bin.

There is a Test Run button to use to do a dry run of your setup.  The results window will tell you what happened but nothing will be deleted.  Use the test run to make sure your settings are correct before doing the real deletions.

I recommend you read the instructions linked below.  They are short.

The instructions for this tool are here.

Download is here.  Just extract the .exe somewhere and run the tool from there.

The tool looks like this:

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