Sunday, April 27, 2008

Using WebGuide, when choosing to 'Play Album' only the first song plays

*Update* 8/13/08 - The Microsoft updates released August 12th 2008 contain a fix for this problem. I don't know which updates fixes it, but if you install all critical updates and reboot, this should be fixed for you.

I don't know the solution to this problem. I do have a workaround though. I have asked for help on the WebGuide forum but Doug Berret doesn't seem to check the forum anymore so I doubt I will get an answer.

Also, to note, until recently this was not a problem for me. I had to rebuild my Vista MCE machine and reinstalled WebGuide. Since then, I cannot 'play album'. When I do, only the first song plays. When I go to play another song Media Player just hangs on 'changing media'.

Here's the workaround fix.
  1. Download and install another player that handles .m3u. In my case I chose VLC because it is free, and I am familiar with it.
  2. Run the setup for VNC. During the install, the third screen that prompts you for info should be 'Choose Components'. I don't want VNC taking over other file types that you did not anticipate so do this - there is a pull down box at the top of the components list. Pull it down and select 'Minimum'. Click Next button, then click the Install button. When the install completes you can uncheck the check box for 'Run VideoLan...'. Click Finish.
  3. Go to your webguide online, and choose to 'play album'. When prompted 'do you want to open or save this file' choose Save. Save the file somewhere convenient for you, we will be browsing to the file in a minute.
  4. Now Browse to the file (WebGuide4_Playlist) where you saved it. Right click on the file and go to 'Open With' and then choose the last option 'Choose default program'. VLC player may not be in the list of recommended players so you may need to click the Browse button. The default install path for VLC is C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC. Browse to that path (or where ever you installed it) and choose vlc.
  5. Now we are back on the Open With dialog. VLC should be listed and highlighted. On the bottom of the list is a checkbox 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file'. Check that box. Click Ok.
  6. Now go back to your webguide and choose 'Play Album'. On the prompt do you want to open or save, choose open.
  7. VLC Player should open and start playing your music. You can now change songs with >> and <<>

Although I have not tried it, you should be able to do the above procedure with the music player of your choice provided it can play .m3u file types. I think the problem is a Media Player problem.


William said...

Thanks for your info on this item. I am having this exact problem, achieved in the same way (rebuild/re-install). Winamp works as a work around. But, if you come up with a solution to use WMP I would appreciate knowing how you did it. Thanks.

toby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
toby said...

Hi William,
If I come up with a soltuion I will surely put it up here and try to let you know. Thanks.

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