Thursday, January 08, 2009

Using Symantec Endpoint Protection in Safe Mode - Dealing with service not running error

Sometimes it is necessary to do an Antivirus scan while in safemode. I have noticed an issue with Symantec Endpoint Protection. After booting into safemode and attempting to launch Symantec Endpoint Protection, an error appears which says "It appears that the Symantec Management Client service is not running. You will not be able to manage network protection settings through the main user interface until it is running. Do you want to start the service now?"

It seems you would want to say Yes, but that will not work. You must choose No. Then the user interface will load and you can scan. You may receive a notice about realtime protection being disabled. For this purpose, that can be ignored.


Anonymous said...

thank you very very much.

i've been having this problem, and i thought symantec was corrupted and have been searching to determine if i could run the virus scan remotely from another computer.

but i'll try this when i get home. hopefully it'll work.

i don't want my girlfriend to blame me for breaking her computer.

thank you once again.

toby said...

Yeah, I hear you. Definitely don't want to get blamed for breaking her computer. Hopefully this will work for you and she'll trust in your skills :)

toby said...

Oh and technically, you should be able to run a scan remotely from another computer. On the other computer, map a drive to the computer you want scan. You might also have to go into symantec to tell it to allow scanning of network drives. Not sure, I haven't tried it in a long time but I am pretty sure you can do it. Worst case scenario, you can take the hard drive out and connect it to another computer, and then scan it. Are you having to boot into safemode because of a virus or malware?

Another option would be to make a BartPE boot disk, and add the AVG antivirus plugin. Then you could boot of the BartPE disk and run the scan of the drive. You will have to read up on how to make the BartPE disk and add AVG as a plugin. I have one I could get you an .ISO copy of you could burn but the AVG definitions will be old.

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