Monday, November 23, 2015

Printable version of the Alexa Skills Kit documentation

I took all of the documents linked from this page:

And made them into a single, printable, PDF file.

Download Here

I removed color from the images and embedded the fonts.  I also applied optimization to reduce size and, although I have not tested yet, made it viewable on mobile devices.

I am not attempting to skirt around the Amazon site.  I know that myself, and some others learn better from a physical document.  I guess since we spent much of our lives studying that way (or atleast I did), it seems more comfortable to me.

This may not be perfect, I apologize ahead of time.  You can always download it and look it over before printing.

Also all section from the list below are included *except* the entire Publishing section.  Please refer to the website for the publishing guidance.

This is the articles included in this PDF, in the same order (minus the Publishing section)

Getting Started
  • Getting Started with the Alexa Skills Kit
Voice Design
  • Voice Design Handbook
  • Defining the Voice Interface
  • Developing an Alexa Skill as a Lambda Function
  • Developing an Alexa Skill as a Web Service
  • Handling Requests Sent by Alexa
  • Implementing the Built-in Intents
  • Linking an Alexa User with a User in Your System
Getting Sample Code:
  • Using the Alexa Skills Kit Samples
  • Deploying a Sample Skill to AWS Lambda
  • Deploying a Sample Skill as a Web Service

  • Choosing the Invocation Name for an Alexa Skill
  • Registering and Managing Alexa Skills in the Developer Portal
  • Testing an Alexa Skill
  • Deploying a Web Service for an Alexa Skill to AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Submission Checklist
  • Policy Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Voice Interface and User Experience Testing
  • Submission Testing Walk-through: Tide Pooler
  • Submitting the Skill for Certification
  • Alexa Skills Kit Interface Reference
  • Alexa Skills Kit Interaction Model Reference
  • Alexa Skills Kit Java Library Reference
  • Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Reference
  • Supported Phrases to Begin a Conversation
  • Alexa Skills Kit Glossary
  • Migrating to the Improved Built-in and Custom Slot Types
Download (same link as above)

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