Thursday, December 17, 2015

Having issues with node-red-contrib-freeboard and your own instance of freeboard?


a npm node by urbiworx

The instructions for node-red-contrib-freeboard say 'Just install this plugin to your Node Red installation by using npm: "npm install node-red-contrib-freeboard" in your Node Red root directory'.- That is supposed to be all that needs to be done for this to work...

When I do this, essentially, freeboard is missing.  The freeboard page is not there and attempting to access yields a 'cannot GET /freeboard' error.The issue is the actual freeboard node is getting placed in the same node_modules folder as the node-red-contrib-freeboard node, and that is not what the 'contrib' node expects. Instead, the contrib-freeboard node is looking for the freeboard directory under it's own node_modules directory, but it is not there.  To remedy this issue, we need to move it to the location where node-red-contrib-freeboard expects it to be.

From the command line go to your node-red/node_modules directory.  If you run: ls free* [enter]
you should see freeboard listed as a directory.  Let's move that...

node-red/node_modules $ mv freeboard ./node-red-contrib-freeboard/node_modules/
Now if you take a look at the contents of node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-freeboard/node_modules/ you should see freeboard along with a few other directories. Now when you launch node-red, and open http://localhost:1880/freeboard, it should be there. The above is assuming you are using that port and localhost.

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