Thursday, December 31, 2015

Teamviewer issues with screen refresh on remote host

I use Teamviewer a lot.  It is a great tool and for personal use, it is free.  I've never really had any issues with it until recently.  I setup a Linux Mint (Rosa) and when remoting to it using Teamviewer, I've had issues with the remote screen not refreshing properly.  I may close a window, but portions of the window will remain behind, buttons, chunks of the previous window, things like that.  Eventually the desktop will become so cluttered I cannot use it.

Sometimes toggling the quality settings will clear up the screen for the moment but I really need a reliable solution.

So far, the only thing I have found is a setting on the local teamviewer client.  Bring up the top menu, under View, click to expand (if necessary) to show 'custom settings'.  Then select the box for 'better compatibility' or 'improve application compatibility' depending on what version of Teamviewer you are using.

This may help.

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